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Phenomenal Bankruptcy Process

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If you are contemplating filing for your bankruptcy, the Ojeda Law Office of San Antonio, TX is your go-to source. As a licensed attorney, Ricardo Ojeda, Jr. is committed to helping you get back on your feet.

During your first FREE consultation, we will make a game plan for your case and give clear instructions for further proceedings.
Legal Service

Trust Our Experienced Attorney for Your Bankruptcy Legal Needs

After the first consultation, you come back with all the required documents and paperwork. We will make sure that all the collateral needed to win your case is obtained. Trust us to offer you a personalized and devoted service.

You will be pleased to know that Ricardo is licensed by the Texas Bar Association and San Antonio Bankruptcy Bar Association.

Get the Legal Services That You Deserve

After your paperwork is ready and sorted, we organize and start to draft the petition. At this step, Ricardo will make sure he will get you the best possible outcome in your case.

Contact us today for any information on our services. Call us at 210-349-3232 today to schedule an appointment.
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Let's make sure that you get the attention you need for paperwork petition drafting. You can also schedule an appointment to meet us on weekends.

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